Sass Jordan is one of the premiere female rock singers in history, selling over one million albums worldwide. While she has touched upon Blues over her 40-year career, this is the first time she has focused exclusively on creating an album of songs in this tradition, that showcase her talent as a Blues singer. As Jordan acknowledges: “The blues has always been a huge part of my life. It’s a big part of what I grew up with. It’s been there through my entire career.”

Her first blues album arrives in raw, earthy style on the magnificent Rebel Moon Blues, was released on Friday, March 13 on Stony Plain Records. Co-produced with D#, it’s the Juno Award-winner’s ninth studio album and first release in nearly a decade. More crucially, it’s also a watershed that charts a new course in Jordan’s musical voyage while tracing her love of the blues back to its source. The album features eight songs, freshly interpreted and given the Sass Jordan treatment with her band the Champagne Hookers: guitarists Chris Caddell and Jimmy Reid, bassist Derrick Brady and drummer Cassius Pereira, augmented by blues harp master Steve Marriner and keyboardist Jesse O’Brien.




“Am I Wrong” Music Video from Rebel Moon Blues

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One thought on “New Album “Rebel Moon Blues”

  1. Carl Berggren

    Wow, 25 years ago, back when there were real record stores, walked into a record store, where I used to spend hours, browsing and listening. Somebody put you on, and when I heard it, I instantly ran up to the counter and asked who that was. Bought it immediately. Not sure why, but for some reason, I searched on you., and what did I find, a blues album. Came back tonight, and thought, I got to see if I can hear a couple of the tunes off the blues album., which I found on youtube. All I got say is wow, it is about time. Had to buy it. Not only do you rock, you slay those blues tunes. Just want to say thank you for doing what you do. Music is one thing that makes these difficult times bearable. Cannot wait for my CD to arrive.

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