I don’t know about you, but that was the fastest summer I’ve ever lived through – with SO much going on in the world and our lives that is changing how we’ve lived. We are all so busy adjusting to the constant uncertainty that seems to permeate our society at every level, that time seems to fly by like the wind.

The good news is – I recorded an album with the boys in August, which should be released early next year. The album is called ‘Bitches Blues’ and it’s another collection of blues covers, plus 3 original songs. We recorded it at one of the most amazing studio’s I’ve ever worked at, Villa Sound, in Singhampton, ON. It is a magical place, owned and run by a wonderful guy named Adam Fair, who also engineered the project. It was started by Adam and a lovely man named Tim Thorney, who is a legend in the Canadian music world. Tim passed away at the beginning of the summer, but his spirit and energy permeate the studio, and we could feel his presence encouraging us on a lot during the recording.

I have been investigating a lot of fascinating new technology that works with the human energy field for the past couple of years, and one of the coolest things I’ve discovered is how we are affected by frequency fields – essentially, everything is a frequency field- including you! In that spirit, I decided to do something that I don’t think has ever been done before on this new recording. We recorded the frequencies of Gold and Silver, and mixed them into each song at a super low level so you can’t hear it with your ears, but your energy field picks it up! Both Gold and Silver carry a very high frequency, and were often used for healing in many ancient cultures. The great thing is, if you don’t need it, it won’t affect you at all – but if you DO need it, it will positively influence your energy system!

In closing, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful fall season – these times are very challenging, and this is when we need each other the most – in communities, in families, in friendships – and music speaks to the core of us – so play it loud and play it proud!

May you all be blessed with good health and love.

Sass ❤️

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  1. Richard Carnell

    Hey Sass. Playing along with Goin back on Spotify. Taylor 414. Ever considered playin Capital theater in Chatham Ont. Lots of big Canadian bands played here. Beautiful venue! Keep rockin’.

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