Hey Everyone – Guess what!!!

I’M PREGNANT!!!! Yes, that’s right – I’m making a new baby! But this is no human baby – it’s a musical baby – and that means YOU get to be involved in the making of it! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!! Beyond exciting! This musical baby is going to be a triumphant celebration of my heavy rock side – and I’m making it with some of the coolest musicians in the world! I was thinking about how to best sum up the joy, the fun and the LOVE of music as our constant companion through life – and I’ve found a way to express it through this new record, BIG NOISE! I simply cannot wait to explore the extraordinary worlds that music leads me into, and now I can have a TEAM to do it with me – this means YOU! Do you wanna be part of the fun? Do you wanna be part of the action? Do you wanna have access to a journey that promises to result in a backdrop to a little part of our lives? Let’s do this!

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